Dumanjug, Cebu Philippines(The Town of Friendship)

 Dumanjug Excutive Bldg.
This Building was empty for several of years and renovated 
under the administration of Mayor Ceasar Baricuatro,
 St, Francis of Asisi Parish Church
As I read St, Francis of Asisi Parish Church the most beautiful 
of the 19th century churches in western Cebu. It is made of finely
cut sea corals stone, limestone and Balayong (native black wood), 
The bell tower is in the one side of the church and has a dodecagonal plan,

 Entrance of Dumanjug Plaza
The land of this Plaza was donated by Jakusalem Family

 Dumanjug Plaza

 Dumanjug plaza

According to the old Dumanjuganon, Dumanjug is from the
word,Duman which was the king of the municipality.
Nahug means fallen, the cause of the king's death.
It was established in 1855 by Capitan Pedro Ricamora and
Padre Agustin Melgar

Dumanjug is located in western south of cebu, about 74
kilometersfrom cebu city.It has a land area of 11,958 hectares.
and boundedby town of Barili, on the east by the town of
Sibonga,on the southby town of Ronda, and on the
west by the Tañon Strait.

 Every October 4 Dumanjug is celebrating their annual fiesta in
Honor of St. Francis of Assisi.There is street Dancing festival
so called sinangyaw. Sinangyaw from the word Sinanggi at
Sayaw means harvesting and dancing

Duamnjug is also called the TOWN OF FRIENDSHIP,
for Dumanjug will be the host for any events in the south such as
Beauty pagents,Basketball tournaments, Swiming competitation,
DanceSports, and Festive Celebration

Abante Dumanjug is the saying of the Duamjuganon.


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